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When the going gets good, the good gets blogging

Okay, so when I asked you guys to cross your fingers ready for me to get some corporate work, you did, didn’t you? Bless your little cottonsocks, you must have instantly adopted the pretzel position, the lot of you – forming a neat little packet of twisted limbness across the globe – cos damn, straight, things are starting to fire up.

*a gigantic hooch of happiness echoing throughout the mountains*

Last night had my first official comedy gig with Canucks watching, with a 20 minute set in Calgary run by the Calgary FunnyFest. And I’m walking on sunshine. I was desperately itchy to perform and so was a little nervous to see how rusty I might be, but I’m happy to say that to my surprise, my elation to be onstage just took over and *gasp, shock* I had the BEST time. I hearted it muchly, got bought a round of drinks from a couple of audience members and floated away into the night like a marshmallow dove who’s found an extra floaty cloud.

Much, much adoration and bouquets of loveliness to my friend Tracie for driving me down to Calgary, letting me crash her special time between her and her little dude (when we first arrived at the venue where I was to spend the next four hours waiting until the gig began – how shall we say this politely, uh…not the Ritz? – she turned to me, tilted her head and said: “So, would you like to come to dinner with us?” and I nodded with the enthusiasm of a bobble-headed car mascot) and then hanging around late to drive me back. You darling.

But the big news…..I’m so stoked, I actually don’t feel tired. And th

at never happens. I got a call this morning asking me to MC at the upcoming Laughter Gone Wild event at the Banff Centre, featuring as headliners none other than Second City. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!

I’ve gotta stop screaming here, or the locals are going to come and hunt me down.

You know the funniest thing though? When I spoke to the lady on the phone this morning, she said “I saw your column in the paper actually.”

I said: “Oh! And you still want to hire me?”

I guess it’s true. All publicity is good publicity.

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