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Whaddya know? I like the tikes.

I’m just loving the kids at the moment. Which is damn pleasant.

You see, thanks to day-care day changes (some of which is my own doing, some of which just comes down to good old-fashioned lack of vacancies), I now only have one, that’s right, ONE child-free day per week. Or, to put it another way, I have at least one child with me for six days of the week.

The hugest up-side of this is that the kids’ behaviour has improved immensely, thus making them a LOT more fun to hang with- plus I find myself actually enjoying the more relaxed start to the mornings, where we can laze in bed (well, more accurately, I laze in bed while they tear the house to pieces, but at least I’ve trained them to tear it to pieces with some consideration on the noise front) and ease our way into the day. Yes, much much nicer than the whole running-out-the-door-with-toast-stuck-up-my-nostrils-to-make-it-to-daycare-by-9.30-and-not-be-exposed-for-the-incompetent-parent-I-am type start.

And…shock horror! We’re actually having fun together. Yesterday, for instance…I finally made cut-out cookies with Ella, something I’ve been procrastinating since she discovered the ability to grip. And it was fun! Sure, the actual cookies crumbled to pieces cos domesticity and I are like Michael Jackson and Lisa-Marie Presley: never meant to go together. BUT… the whole ‘mummy/daughter bonding’ thing? Big tick.

I never thought I’d be one of those mummies, you know, “motherhood is so fulfilling, tra la la la” and so on – on the average day the only thing I am filled full with are thoughts of escape – but lately, despite myself, I’m really digging my kiddlies. (Now I’ve said that, of course, I’ve probably jinxed myself – they’ll probably break into my room tonight and rub snot all over my sleeping bod.)

But for now. Little Homies = Pretty Cool.

That’s the upside.

The downside? I’ve never felt so exhausted in my entire l-


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