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Check out this blog – it’s one of my new faves. The latest couple of posts have inspired some very long-winded responses to starting out in comedy, which I will shortly post to this very blog. So thanks Brody!

For now though, I’m having a little writing break today. Due to Christmas holidays and the like, my editor required me to submit my ramblings – ideally complete with wit, wisdom and (shock! horror!) coherence – not only four days earlier than usual but in the form of not one but TWO columns in the one hit. Hence, I was up til two this morning banging my head on the desk and boy did it hurt.

I’ll post the column here once it’s published. But be warned ye readers – I highly doubt that any of it will even make sense. But on the bright side, you will get to see what my brain looks like spilled out onto the page in the early morning stages of deadline-driven delerium.

I ain’t saying it’ll be pretty, but it’ll be something.

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