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Two Inspiring Women

Look at Doctor Fiona Wood. Just look at her.

Saving lives. Changing the world.

But now for the big stuff – she’s got six kids.


I have worked out that her secret to operating wonders (no pun intended) on very little sleep is either: a) she is an android b) she is an android or c) she keeps herself in prime physical form.

I remember reading once that she has simply resigned herself to the fact that to do everything she wants to do she has to sacrifice sleep – she goes to bed in the wee hours of the morning and is up at 5 for an hour-long bike ride.

Holy insert-comedic-noun.

But…I have to say that I’ve been completely inspired lately to do likewise. To look after my body better, to get into my peak form body-wise so that I am actually physically empowered to do all the crazy stuff with my life that I want to. I mean, performing regularly onstage alone requires a LOT of energy, and let’s not even get started on wiping up poo.

So…I’ve bitten the bullet and have taken up exercising every single day. It’s mad – so not something I thought I’d be into, but the thing is, it’s actually turning out to be kinda cool. Plus, it’s something I can do with the kids. And they’re getting into it too.

I know, I know, sheer unadulterated madness.

Admittedly, we’re only two days in, but so far, so good. Give me an ‘E’!

(For ‘exercise’, you naughty naughty people.)

In other semi-related news, I’ve been having singing lessons with this amazing woman Ofelia Guizzon. The lessons, (which Tim very thoughtfully bought for my b’day – bless. Sure as heck beats Hungry Jacks for breakfast) have been amazing – actually discovering ways to use my body to get my voice to do things I never would have thought it capable of.

I feel like I’ve got me a whole new bag’o’tricks to take overseas. Let’s just hope China Airlines don’t charge for excess baggage.

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