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Today Would Have Been My Mum’s 60th

Making cookies 1983-ish. She passed away in 1984.

Right now, were she here, I’ve no doubts at all that there would be celebrations a-plenty, much of which would revolve around music.

But you know. She’s not. And we’re not.

So instead, on this day, I want to just think of her and smile. You know? Be happy. Remember the good times. Yet if I’m being completely honest, it seems ridiculous to even try. I mean, how can you not tarnish even the most wonderful memories when the lens you’re looking at them through is made of grief?

But still. I try. Not for my sake, mind, but for hers. And the only reason I can even say that is because now that I’m a mother myself, I know that if I were – heaven forbid – not around to see my kids grow up, that would totally be what I would want for them.

To be able to remember me, for sure. But most importantly, to think of me and really, truly, deeply…smile.

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