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Theatresports Tournament at the Moose: THIS FRIDAY!

If you’re in Calgary, come on down! If you’re not, well gees man, way to bring a girl down…

This Friday my team The Candidates (featuring Andrew Phung, Michael Roik and my dear self + bun-in-oven) shall be competing against the illustrious talents of another team who is so incredibly talented that their shininess has burnt a hole in the part of my brain designated for name recall.

It shall be awesome!

It shall be ruthless!

It shall be Friday at 8pm!

Check out the Moose website for more details.

Oh, and it shall also be followed by the very excellent talents of Rob Mitchelson & AJ Demers in ‘Friday Night Late’. Now if that’s not a kicking buttocks style of starting off your weekend, then shove some antlers on me and re-christen me “Elke.”

Jen. xx

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