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The TV appearance I WON’T be plugging

Do you remember that episode of Sex in the City where Carrie is horrified to find herself on the cover of a major magazine sans make-up, sans stylish wardrobe and sans dignity?

Welcome to my morning.

Only, my fall from grace will not be broadcast in print, but on television: on a Channel 10 Kids Show, to be precise. Here’s what happened:

– a friend of mine who works at the art gallery which cannot be named, asked me to bring my kids in this morning so that they could be the filmed talent for this kids show.

– I, of course, jumped at the chance to have an exciting activity with which to blackmail the kids into good behaviour.

– This plan, of course, backfired when the kids woke up at the crack of dawn this morning, BEGGING me to take them to the gallery right then and there.

– I, of course, proceeded to dress them up to the nines (by my standards, which is not saying much), and in the nagging rush out of the house, stepped out sans make-up, sans funky wardrobe, sans dignity. But no problem, right? They’d only be filming the kids, right?


My most exciting television appearance to date and I’m gonna look like a deshevelled homeless person who’s got custody of the kids for the morning.

Why, God, WWWWWHHHHHHYYYYYY????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!

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