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The Three Pigs

So finally I can relate to the throes of Hollywood celebs who seize the chance to lend their voiceover talents to the latest Pixar flick, in order that their bizarrely-named offspring might have a chance to enjoy the fruits of Mummy and Daddy’s more age-appropriate work.

In other words: I’m in my first kids’ show baby! My little tikes are over the moon about it, I’ve been practising accents on them and fielding all sorts of questions starting with the all important: ‘Which house are you going to build, Mama?’ Followed very quickly by ‘Now open your mouth so I can pull out the baby.’

Anyway, the point is if you’re in Calgary, have kids or just want to pick up hot single mums, then come on down to the show. It’s gonna be a hoot. Or an oink. Or something barn-yardy.

WHEN: November 1 to 23rd 2008

Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm

WHERE: Loose Moose Theatre, SE Calgary

TIX: $10

BOOKINGS: 403 265-5682 or visit

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