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The Good, the Bad and the Good (and the Bad)

THE GOOD: Loving my iPhone. Just worked out how to upload pics to twitter. This excites me. I am excitable by simple things.

THE BAD: Our bank balance.

THE GOOD: Picked up my dress last night and it is so adorable I want to hold it by a fire. But not too close. That thing is flammable.

THE BAD: Our bank balance. And family dramas. And our bank balance.

THE GOOD: The show is coming together beautifully, I have found a data projector for hire in Ads (woohoo!) at a reasonable price (woohoo!) – which was a late but important addition to the show – and I am so looking forward to performing it this week.

THE BAD: Our bank balance. And, after only just moving into our new place three weeks ago, we’ve just been told that the owner is now selling the house.

THE GOOD: I am in denial.

THE BAD: I am in denial.


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