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The Glass House Final Episode!!

Oh boy – last night was mega-amazing.

More confetti than outfits worn by Posh Spice, more stars than the American flag and more red wine than the Last Supper (though by all accounts that last one doesn’t really work, seeing as there was probably only one big glass that everybody passed around.)

My full breakdown will appear here in the next couple of days or so, but the bottom line for now is aimed at those who are actually watching the show tonight: if you look right at the end, when everybody comes out on stage for the grand streamer-throwing finale – I’m onstage to the right (i.e. just to the right and slightly behind Dave Hughes and Fiona O’Loughlin.)

Extra hint for the keen – I’m wearing a black dress and looking star-struck.

That’s just for those of you who actually care enough to check. For all others, just carry on as planned.

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