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The Final Pre-USA Entry: THE SEQUEL

Wow, bet you didn’t see that coming, huh?!

I’m at the airport, about to board the plane (in thirteen minutes, to be precise). At this point the few things going through my head include:

– what a bummer I was too busy feeling teary and tormented to ask for a complimentary upgrade to business class;

– then again, at least I’ve gotten the crying bit of saying goodbye to the kids (including Ella queuing up with me at the counter and saying every five seconds ‘I wanna come to America with you!’) out of the way so I can avoid further embarrassment on the plane;

– I’m so pleased getting through customs was easier than changing a nappy;

– is it normal to be terrified that your plane is going to crash? And furthermore, is it normal to think that if it does, this blog entry will possibly be read at your funeral? And further still, is it normal to look on the bright side in that if I do crash, at least it’s the first time in my life I’ve actually had decent insurance so my family would get a good pay-out?*;

*Note: the ‘is it normal’ question is purely rhetorical. In case you were panicking.

– I hope I get to watch tons of movies;

– I hope I get to catch tons of sleep;

– I hope I don’t walk off the plane, catch glimpse of New York and have my brains burst out my nostrils with excitement, thus ending the trip of a lifetime in one over-eager gesture. Please, your best wishes for this not happening would be truly appreciated;


and finally…

– Gee Jen, your internet credit is running pretty low, you’d better post this before it runs out and you’ve spent your last Aussie moments typing for nothing.

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