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The Final Pre-USA Entry

Hopefully not the final entry full-stop i.e. hopefully the plane doesn’t crash and/or America doesn’t get nuked while I’m there. Though, as someone very wise pointed out to me this week, if America gets nuked then Australia’s not going to be far behind. Call me morbid, but I found that strangely comforting.

So…I’m all packed and rearing to go! Frankie came round tonight with a platter of strawberries, chocolates and cherries in tow, and was there for the crucial decision-making of what to pack in what compartment in between stuffing our faces. What a woman.

We both mulled over the flight ahead and agreed that despite the warnings from well-meaning parties about the perils of long bouts in the skies, compared to child-rearing, it will be absolute bliss.

Frankie: “All you have to do is sit there. And do nothing.”

Me: “And just be transported. How wonderfull passive.”

Frankie: “And they bring you stuff. In packets! Sure, it’s kinda rubbery, but it’s stuff!”


So comrades, seeing as tomorrow is my last day in this fine country of ours for a while, I doubt I shall have the time or inclination to blog. So, this is adieu from me and I shall meet you on the other side of the journey! So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

My favourite farewell thus far has come from my gorgeous cousin Karen, who voluntarily printed out all my paperwork, photocopied gazillions of promo bits AND burnt me extra copies of my promo DVDs to take with me! After handing me the fruits of her labour, she hugged me and left me with this:

“Come back funnier, honey-er!”

I’ll try, Kag. I’ll try.


PS Sorry to those of you who’ve been trying the myspace link for my comedy snippet – apparently the server’s been down all day. If you’re really keen you can click below. Toodles!

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