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The blog, the whole blog and nothing but the blog

So I had this whole idea in my head (where I usually keep them, you see), that I would write about my new little ‘art passion’ over on a whole other blog.

Why? Because:

– this whole foray into creating art is so new to me that I felt a bit stupid to even be posting about it here, where people actually read it. To tuck it away in my lesser-known cyber-abode seemed, well, safer.

– I’ve never really blogged about art or design or any of those fancy ‘I’m not worthy’ topics before, so felt it better to compartmentalise it elsewhere, rather than confuse anybody and/or feel like a fraud.

Except for one thing: hiding it away IS being a fraud.

Because, whether I struggle with feeling worthy or not, making art IS now part of my life. A very important part of my life. Whether or not is has been part of my life for long is really irrelevant – we may not have a big past, but I have a feeling that we have one hell of a future.

I don’t even mean that in terms of career moves; honestly, I have no idea if, when or where this will even lead to. But all I know is that it gives me such incredible joy to do it, it has been such an incredible part of my healing process this year and to try to hide it away from everybody is just not being honest about where or more importantly who I am.

So screw you, insecurity. Yes, that’s right, I said it. SCREW. YOU.


That felt good.

From hereon, this is the blog, the whole blog and nothing but the blog.

So help me blog.

So with that said and done, here’s one of the pieces I’ve done of late:

"Unexpected" 2010

“Unexpected” 2010

It’s inspired by, da da da da! My daughter.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

But yes, my beautiful darling girl who, while certainly not part of the life plan I had for myself at the tender(ish) age of 22, has turned out to be the most incredible, challenging, beautiful, frightening and ultimately life-affirming event of my life. I’m working on a song actually to that effect for the re-write of my one-woman show, the lyrics of which will include something like:

Things did not turn out the way I wanted,

Things did not turn out the way I planned,

Things did not turn out the way I wanted,

But then some things I wanted…

…I never could have planned.”

Wow, art stuff AND sneak previews of lyrics? Damn man, I am becoming such a creative renegade.


Oh, and while I cannot lay any claim to this delightful piece, I just wanted to share it as it makes my innards go all buzzy with a synchronised happy dance! You can check out the artist behind it here!

Have a happy day! x

"Enjoy the Day" from Studio Mela

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