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The Big Comic Mummy Giveaway!

As those of you who’ve been playing along for a while will know, the start of this year was rather crapola. But that was then, this is now and tomorrow is sometime in the future!

My sista and I feeling depressed.

I’m so excited to be finally crawling out of the poo and back onto the rainbow and as such, am hereby officially invite you to spread some Comic Mummy love around. Legally.

Soo…… help thank you along the way, I’ve got 5 prize packs up for grabs, comprising: – 1 x DVD of my Fringe Show performed in Canada; – 1 x CD with my all-new musical comedy tracks on it; plus – Miscellaneous mystery goody pack, details to emerge like a child from the womb (i.e. gradually, painfully and with incredible, agonising anticipation!)

A giveaway?! No way! Blame it on the rain!

To win one, all you need to do is spread the word about

You can do this by sharing the link via: – Email – Facebook (update your status, or send a facebook msg) – Twitter – A mention on your blog – Adding me to your blogroll – Add a Comic Mummy button to your website/blog (see to the right sidebar for the code)

Then, just shoot me an email at contact @ or leave a comment to let me know of your spreadage! For each thing you do to spread the love, you’ll get one entry i.e. if you did all of the above, you get:

– 6 entries in the draw; – my undying gratitude; and – your kids will always behave.

Okay, okay, this is just too much. You had me at "the".

I swear.

And oh yes, THANK YOU!


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