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Something is brewing and it ain’t smelly!

So today is a good day. A GREAT day, even!

Why? Because today I did two amazing things that I think might just change my life.

1) Joined the gym. Then forced my hubby to join with me. With 6 months of free CHILDCARE thrown in no less (Shazam! Kapow! Insert other highly motivated cheer of glee here!) Meaning we can have date nights as often as we want! On spin bikes if we choose! Wearing heart rate monitors!


2) Signed up for this incredible e-course. I know it’s incredible because I’ve already been mega inspired by just reading through the comments of the other people taking it. My heavens. My greatest challenge is just to stay open minded, I don’t want to get sucked into thinking “I know exactly what I’m going to get out of this!” but rather, just leave myself open to whatever may come. Because whatever it is, it really is all good.

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