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Raw Finals rock but not as much as my mates!

Woohoo! That’s my favourite word and in case you didn’t realise it is SOOOO hot right now. So get into it. Woohoo.

Just like my daughter…oh boy. I’m quickly becoming one of these people who nauseates others by force-feeding them family photos. *shudder*

Oh well, it could be worse. I could be force-feeding you my cooking.

Yah, so the Raw Finals were on last night, they kicked hairy buttocks (that’s my favourite phrase and in case you didn’t realise it is SOOOO hot right now. But don’t get into it. That would just be weird) and I’m delighted to inform you that I was offered the position of Runner-Up. The money’s crap, the benefits are negligible but the title sounds cool. I took it.

Anyway, I’m not going to waste any more time on the details: you can read more at my website here:

Let’s just move along then, shall we?

What really rocks the kazbah is how many beautiful words of encouragement, support and sentiments of general all-round loveliness I’ve gotten from people in my life in response to the Raw stuff. Seeing as none of said people seem to have worked out how to use the comments section of my blog, I thought I’d just post some of them direct. Now if that ain’t service with a smile, then I don’t know what is.

Rachel Barnes: Rock on! You’re doing it girl!

Karen White: You rocked the house down last night girl. The crowd screamed and screamed – A-class and far far more audience connection than any other act. Get in there and suck down that mic lady – the world wants to know you and the stuff you wanna tell them.

Alex Oliver: Your awesome Jen! Second place! Brilliant! Congratulations! !!!!!,!!!!!.

David Fowles: Congratulations on getting a placement! Remember that coming first in the competition is always death for Austalian Idol contestants!

Ashley Gill: Yeehar sister, you rock.

What can I say?


That is my favourite affirmation and in case you didn’t realise it is SOOO hot right now. Get into it.

I mean that.

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