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Random musings: where I’m at right now

I’m sitting here at my desk, blissfully child-free and staring out at the beautiful blue Brissie sky and wishing I could cut out the gorgeous cloudy streaks and sew them onto a t-shirt. Except of course that’s impossible: I suck at sewing.

I feel a little nauseous cos I just chowed down on yet another one of those damn chocolate fundraising boxes for the kids’ day-care centre. Will the torture never end?

This is my first day alone with no commitments and no kiddly-winks in weeks and to be honest, I don’t know quite what to do with myself. I’m procrastinating big-time (can you tell?) from the jobs I have to do, including unpacking. Mind you, I’m justified in procrastinating that one – unfortunately a tin of coffee came undone during the flight and thus half my luggage is covered in thin coffee granules. *shudder* Oh well, at least it’s not snot.

It hasn’t been entirely unproductive – got the car fixed, wrote a basic structure of my full-length show (that’s actually quite a massive achievement when I think about it) and even fed myself. Woohoo.

Am missing the Tassie kids a bit. Like Brock, my cousin’s youngest son (he’s 5) who just cracks me up more than anything with his random Keanu Reeves-like thoughts.

Him: (walking backwards and smiling up at me) I like walking backwards.

Him: (hopping on one leg and smiling up at me) I like hopping on one leg.

Him: (twisting the head off an innocent frog) I like apricots.

Okay, so I made that last one up.

But he’s adorable.

And Jessie, the oldest (she’s 9) who is just like the biggest helper you’ve ever met in your life. I even rang my bestest friend Frankie just to tell her “you’ll never guess it: once they get older they can make toast, dress themselves and EVEN WASH UP!” Hell, I’m sure if I buy Ella a little maid’s outfit she’d get right into it.

Pass the gaffer tape and call me J-Lo.

Then there’s Rachel who is cheeky as all hell (Ella has become suspiciously whingey since we got back) but so hilarious. She makes this bizarre groaning noise whenever she draws (which is often) and threw a huge tantrum when she wasn’t allowed to come watch me perform. Now THAT is the kinda audience member I want!

And Joscelyn and Tilda, my uncle’s kids. They actually DID come watch me perform, and after I got off-stage, were staring up at me awe-struck as though I was Hilary Duff (hey, it was dark.) It was so cute, they were too shy to even speak and my uncle said “I think you’ve got a couple of groupies!” Awwww…

And my own little muppets. I’m actually missing them now for the first time in AGES. How pathetic. But the thing is, I know this avo will rock around and within minutes of having them home I’ll be ready to throw the toaster into the bath. But until then… oh, they’re so cute…

So there you have it. That’s where I’m at right now.

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