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Quickie update from the Improv Masterclass

Hey my darling dears,

Please forgive the complete gap in blogland – my best intentions have been thrown to the New York curbside (which believe me, is cluttered with garbage at the best of times) – but rest assured, it’s all good.

I’ve written some blog entries but want to wait a few days til I can pop my photos up with them – sadly, only realised today that I brought with me the wrong damn camera cable! Needless to say, I haven’t been so disappointed since the new SATC film. So anyway, will buy one as soon as I’ve left the gorgeous (though rather remote) camp here in the Catskills, and get this dang ole blog up to date!

Please just settle. It will come. I promise.

So long as I survive any future trips on shuttle buses.

Anyway, to give you a quick update on the past coupla days, the improv retreat is blowing my mind. I’m learning tons, connecting with many amazing and inspiring people, teachers and students alike and SO enjoying myself. I’ve finally pushed beyond the whole ‘WAAAH! I JUST WANNA SEE MY KIDS!’ stage and gotten more to the ‘I’m gonna enjoy myself, or it really IS a waste, damn it!’ one.


Anyway, will regail more details shortly.

Love ya lots, lemondrops!


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