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Poll: Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

As I mentioned recently, we’re gonna be having a few little nips and tucks going on around Club Comic Mummy shortly. Namely cos it’s the only plastic surgery I’m likely to ever afford.

But I want you! In a platonic sense (my hubby does check in here occasionally, after all).

I would so hugely appreciate if you would take a moment just to give me your thoughts. If you’re not a big one for comments, no probs, you can vote anonymously and therefore retain your ghostly wonder, while still injecting a little bit of love into my heart, cyber Pulp Fiction style.

You can vote more than once if you so desire.

And if that’s just not enough input for you to handle, then by all means, shoot through thoughts on comments. I await you! Eagerly! With sauce!

And thanks so much. Truly. I really have got my blogging mojo back in recent weeks and that’s in no small way due to you guys – the comments, the email, the chocolates at the door….

Thank you muchly.

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