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Performance Poetry from NYC (kinda)

In light of our recent holiday and all the rest, I’m afraid I’m a bit behind on the video blogging this week. So as a consolation (mainly to myself!) I am posting this little oldie.

Even though it’s a while since I performed this one, I thought it was relevant to share with you now seeing as:

1) Short of cutting my own hair live in a shop window while chanting “We are the Champions” to a gospel choir of monkeys, lately I’ve really begun to get into this whole  “being an artist!” thang;

2) I have recently had the great fortune of stumbling across an entirely new breed of Comic Mummy reader – well, not a breed as such, I’m not saying you guys are animals in any way (but for heaven’s sake, do stop slobbering on my carpet, yes YOU!) – but anyhoo, point is, new people are here! HUZZAH! Most of whom, I’m assuming, haven’t seen me onstage before. If ever. Ever before. There you go.

3) This character is from New York (though her accent, as a well-travelled performance poet, might indicate otherwise), and I may, just may, have some very exciting soon-to-be-announced news to do with that…

In the meantime, kick back, have a suck on the nitrous and enjoy. xx

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