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On the Toowoomba Flash Flood

Last night as I saw images of the post-flash flood chaos that is Toowoomba, I could not even comprehend what I was looking at. In that I couldn’t believe the magnitude of the disaster, but also I couldn’t even make out what part of the CBD I was seeing. And having been brought up in this little city on the mountain, I know T’ba like the back of my 31 year old hand. I know it. So to not know it and see it in such horrible pain was…awful.

Add to this that my 8-year-old daughter is currently up there with the grandparents – now stranded there for the forseeable future with all access back home cut off in both directions – that is, I’m separated from my daughter during an actual bonafide natural disaster and well…Mummy’s feeling a little numb.

Yet, in light of the horror of 8 people having lost their lives, 72 missing and countless others having lost so, so much in this time, really my personal state of affairs is insignificant. Which is a good reminder to keep this all in perspective.

And send all the love, thoughts and support to the others who aren’t so lucky.

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