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On Tattoos

I’ve just been checking out a conversation on the humble tattoo, over at Vibewire. And I thought I’d re-post my thoughts here, seeing as:

a) I haven’t written on this topic before; and b) it’s Friday; and ergo c) I’m too lazy to think up something more original.

Basically, when it comes to tattoos, I’m a fan. However, I do shout out a big ‘beware!’ to all who are pondering ‘to tatt or not to tatt’ – what you should know, no, what you MUST know, is this: tattoos are addictive!

I have two – one on my lower tum-tum, which, since going through 2 pregnancies now looks less like a beautiful dove flying through eternity and more like a hardened magpie struggling through a cyclone.

BUT…at least it’s now truly original.

My second one is on my lower back (yes, I’m one of THOSE people) and was done on a whim (actually it was almost a dare), but years later I’m happy to report that I still love it.

But…every few months or so, I feel that itch to get another. Will I or won’t I? Who knows? Ooh, the anticipation! Please, pop a sedative and sit down, won’t you?

But the point is, be warned: tattoos are like Pringles – once you pop, you can’t stop!

Though hopefully you wouldn’t actually ‘pop’ during the event, but you know…the sentiment’s the same. 🙂

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