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Okay, time to fess up

So about this ‘worst drought in history’ we’re having: it’s all my fault.

Every time I do my washing you see, every freaking time, the heavens start rumbling in preparation for their downpour. And this year, well…I haven’t been doing a lot of washing.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been doing a LOT of it, just not frequently. I’m more of the ‘save it all up and then do twelve loads in a day’ type mummy.

I know, I know, genius.

And each and every one of my wash-a-thons has been rewarded by a storm. Including today. Thus here I sit, a near-full blog entry upstairs, a near-empty washing pile downstairs and big grey clouds brewing in the background.

So to Brisbane, Toowoomba and all you others contemplating drinking your own sewage thanks to the water crisis…I apologise heartily.

I will try to do better in 07.

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