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No Sleep Til Adelaide! (Well, okay, maybe three sleeps…but those sleeps shall be HARDCORE!)

Three more sleeps.

I feel like an astronaut about to launch into space, wondering whether he/she’s going to return to triumphant applause, a controversy about whether the ins and outs of the expedition actually occurred and/or possibly their own theme tune.

In reality, what I am undertaking is not nearly as dramatic as all this, but THAT WILL NOT STOP ME PRETENDING IT IS.

Part of the reason it feels so epic to be finally unleashing my show upon several cities in a few short months, is because it’s been so damn long coming. As those of you who’ve been reading along for a while will know, I was all set to present the show at Melbourne Comedy Festival 2010, when a lil thing known as a car accident got in the way.

Fast forward two years and it’s a-happening all over again but this time, nothing is stopping me. Except…well, you know, maybe another car accident…but no! No, not even that! For this is the new and improved post car-crash Jen, one who laughs in the face of obstacles, one who grabs a neck brace and quickly superglues to it feathers, sequins and a bugger-off image of Dolly Parton. I WILL NOT BE STOPPED.

Did I mention I’m on a very good multi-vitamin?

Anyway, at the latest count I am now doing FIFTY-THREE gigs during the Fringe. Every time I freak out I just pretend I’m The Rock.

He’s terrifying, yet motivating.

I think he’d be a great parent.

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