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New video! Improvised Love Song

Well you darling people, I had so many lovely responses to the last video I uploaded of my comedy gig – with a few of you muppets even pasting them on facebook, prompting me to burst forth at my hubby in my finer moments with “Hey! I ain’t taking out the garbage today! I am too busy going VIRAL!”

(Viral, meaning in my case, about 40 views. But hey, even a tickle in the throat is technically viral. And damn annoying. So let’s not get picky, shall we?)

Anyhoo, as such, I thought I’d share another on this fine Tuesday morn.

Cue the fireworks!

This is an improvised love song I performed at Livewired at the Powerhouse a couple of weeks ago now. I hope you enjoy it.

VIRAL, I tell ya!

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