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My HOT FUNNY MUMMIES TIPS for Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Mums in comedy are a rare breed indeed which has always troubled me given that the most hilarious people I know on planet earth are those who've had to figure out how to laugh their way through intense stress.

Anyway, here are my hot tips to check out of gut-bustingly funny rockstar folks out who also happen to have birthed loin-fruit:

So obviously if you're up for a smorgasbord of comedy taste-testing, you should come to the extravaganza that is The Funny Mummies Big Avo Out...and then you can go enjoy the amazingness that is the full shows of the stars themselves...

Bron Lewis in Probably - Bron's star is rising so quickly I'm amazed her face looks so perfect amongst the G-forces. She's a bloody gem onstage and off, go see her before she's too famous to care about anything.

Mandy Nolan in The Candidate - Mandy is not only one of the fiercest most hilarious people I've ever met, but she ran for government last year and lived to tell the tale. I saw the preview show in Brissie and it was excellent, so I can only imagine how cracking it is by now.

Chris Ryan in Busy - I've been hearing Chris' name so often and always in such revered tones that I'm genuinely miffed we haven't met yet. That's about to change! She's won big deal awards - Best Newcomer at Sydney Comedy Festival among them - and is destined for awesomeness.

And a few other shows which will be damn excellent:

It's a damn hard hustle carving out a career in comedy when you're wrangling little ones between gigs. Trust me. I've been trying for two decades and can't believe I'm still here. #ididn'tchoosethecomedylifethecomedylifechoseme

Point is: get out there and see stuff, laugh hard, and cheer on these super talented folks so they keep on going!

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