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Morning TV and The Meaning of Life

The only thing worse than facing the cardio room at the gym, is being force-fed morning television at the same time.

Yes, that’s right, today I hit the gym again for the first time since I’ve been back and no, absence does not make the heart grow fonder. It still sucks. But on the bright side, the advertorial-infested television was ripe with comedic fodder – picture this:

Bimbo on couch: “My old vacuum cleaner was an absolute nightmare.”

(Really? I mean, REALLY? To me a nightmare is being chased by a chain-saw wielding maniac when instead of running, you can only bounce. Or meeting Tim Minchin and realising you’re a star-struck idiot.)

Bimbo: “But now thanks to the (brand), vacuuming is so easy, we even got two. I’ve got one for the home, and my husband has one for the boat.”

(Wow, THE BOAT! How handy. I love it when marketers are so completely in touch.)

In other news, I have booked in a few more gigs, which I SWORE I wouldn’t do, but one was offered at the Py-Hi (where I did my first full-length shows and attracted a fan-club of drunken construction workers) which does hold a special spot in my heart. Plus these days I am SOOO much better at dealing with hecklers I can’t wait to see if my old clan of fellas are still there! Then I spoke with Fedele from the Sit Down Comedy Club, explained my dilemma and he was really understanding: we booked in just three gigs over the next two months. Believe me people, THREE gigs in TWO months is a significant improvement in my over-cluttered lifestyle!

But I do want to keep my skills up and of course, actually try out my reams upon reams of new material to shape it properly. But that’s IT! No more gigs for me! *slapping wrists*

I had this huge revelation the other night, which I may just share. In fact, I will. For those of you who don’t know, my mum died when I was five, a fact which I’ve always found incredibly motivating in terms of just putting myself out there for what I really want, because I’m very much aware that my time is finite.

But then talking to Frankie (my bestest bestest friend) the other night, I realised that even if I DID only have a few years left, why would I want to spend them all chasing career stuff? Honestly, if that really were the case, I’d much rather be spending them with my family and my friends. I’ve always tried to learn from my mum’s life: she was a singer, a great singer actually and the tragic thing was that she had quite literally JUST won a song-writing competition, the prize of which was a recording session in Sydney, when she died before she could even claim it.

I’d always thought the lesson to draw from that was ‘well, you’ve gotta go for gold in chasing your dreams NOW’, but now I think it’s actually ‘well, you’ve gotta savour every moment with the people you love, because the time you invest in career stuff may not even matter’. Not that I’m not going to still follow my dreams, but now I’m just trying to do it in moderation. Because I am nothing if not a walking cliche.

Enough rambling from me…we’ve both got work to do. You do yours, I’ll do mine and everybody’s happy. 😉

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