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Montreal Comedy Fest, Banff World Television Fest, etc.

I just sat down today and mapped out what the next few months of our life are going to look like, and suffice to say that I feel like taking the Jen who was complaining inwardly about how slowly things were progressing and slapping her in the face with a big chunk of salmon. Except that I seriously don’t wish to be bear bait.

Anyhoo, lots of cool things are happening in the next month, so many in fact that I feel like a completely spoiled brat. Gees. Then again, every time I feel guilty about it, I just remind myself of the times when it seemd like all my friends were off globetrotting while I was shoving my jibblies into mouths full of freshly-cut teeth, making daily friends with nappies and their contents and cursing the heavens wondering why I hadn’t taken my chance to get overseas when I was young and free and reckless.

Then, THEN…I feel better.

But yes, today I booked my ticket to Montreal for the Comedy Festival in July, I’m so excited I could almost scream. Agh! There you go, got it out of my system. Before that in June I am heading to the amazing Banff World Television Festival to try my hand at serious schmoozing (and am using it as a serious deadline/motivator in the meantime), in August will be doing the Loose Moose training intensive, somewhere squished in there is the rest of the Banff Centre residency and then in September…da, da, da, da, da, da! I’m coming back for a brief sojourn in Oz to be Matron-de-Honour at my sister‘s wedding. Ooh la la!

Note to self: now is the time to start cutting back on the bagels.


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