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Melbourne International Comedy Festival Tour Diary: An Unexpected (Expected) Return

Above: nice little piece in Beat Magazine. If you’re mad keen – and why wouldn’t you be? (I’M TALKING TO YOU, HUBBY-WHO-NEVER-READS-MY-PUBLICITY-WHY-WON’T-YOU-LOVE-ME-LIKE-A-ROCKSTAR?!) you can read the story here.

Oh and while we’re in the plugging mood there’s also a profile piece at the moment on arts hub with me chatting about the influences of my big brother, Eddie Izzard and feeling “entitled” to success. 🙂

The last time I was in Melbourne for last year’s Melbourne Fringe – while ultimately ending on a fantastic high and a journey which I am SOOOO glad I took! – was such hard work physically, emotionally and financially that I approached this return with a sense of…hmmm, what I can only describe as “a concerted effort to have NO expectations at all about what may or may not happen.”

Imagine my joy then at jumping off the flying plane and into the foyer (see what I did there…oh alright, I admit it, that’s not an original! I AM SUCH A HACK!) and being greeted with this:

Gorgeous Rachel!

She and her dear hubby Michael had gone all hi-tech on my greeting placard, it doesn’t show up well in this photo but it had the MICF logo with my NAME next to it, yo! The only thing that coulda made me feel more loved would be if I then turned to see Richard Gere rocking up in an open-top limo playing opera and holding flowers. But not THAT much more loved, so you know, good call, Rache.

After that rocking welcome, I settled into my wondrous abode for the next couple of weeks with my dear family friends John and Sandy. Then straight into the city for my very first festival spot this year with Titters. Twas delish! My first ever encore! A drunk guy yelled out! And most importantly, I got to see my beautiful ladeeez, the wondrous lineup of gorgeous women – inside and out – who make up the Titters cast. I heart them so heartily that I could almost shower them with heart candy. Almost. (I am cheap.)

Then off to the Festival Club where I met up with many comedy friends – old and new – and got damn well psyched for this next fortnight.

Ah, Melbourne. I adore you so much I want to mark you as my territory.

Please don’t misinterpret that.

An Unexpected Variety Show at The Butterfly Club TIX HERE!

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