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Melbourne Fringe: Touring With a Toddler Installment 8: 5 Nice Things

1. Published my first guest post on Mamamia. WOOT!

2. Found a lovely article in a local paper here featuring myself and littlest (and puppet) behind one very red curtain.

3. Had the distinct privilege of attending the opening of an incredible art instillation in the soon-to-be-opened Royal Children’s Hospital.

"Creature", which is stories high and symbolises something "that seems daunting but is friendly."

The mobiles hanging in the hospital entrance. BEAUTIFUL.

Cassidy was quite the media darling, being courted by cameramen every which way he turned. The best publicity opp I’ve ever had and it’s as “Toddler’s Mummy.”

4. Had some much needed hang-time with one of my BFFs Rachel. She introduced me to the scrumminess that is the Footscray Community Arts Centre. It alone, in its buzzy vibe and child-friendliness, made me want to move in!

5. Discovered loverly things being said about the show.

Only 3 shows left! Friday and Saturday 7.30pm, Sunday 4.30pm. Details here. 

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