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Melbourne Fringe: Touring With a Toddler Installment 4: Trying to be an Optimist Prime

Image courtesy of Avid.

1. The crowds are small. However, as my fellow Revolt performer Derek Rowe told me today, “You’re not Robinson Crusoe in that.” Indeed, many, many fringe shows have been struggling with the same thing. The shocking weather has played its fair part. DAMN YOU SHOCKING WEATHER!

I am keeping the faith. Or at least, trying to. I have moments of “Why?!” but they are usually fleeting and coincide with moments of toddler meltdown. I feel for the little dude though. He’s out of his routine, Mummy is in diva mode half the time, plus both of us have been battling the crankiness that comes with sore throats.

But yes. Keeping the faith. Being an Optimist Prime. I am trying. I believe in the show. I can see it’s connecting. I am LOVING performing it. Show time, whether it’s for five folks (Thursday night), six (Friday night),  or ten (tonight) is rocking my world. It’s so strange to be having such wonderful gigs with such small audiences. Perhaps this could become my new niche? Loungeroom Theatre? Anywhere Theatre Fest, anyone?

I am – to my surprise – finding that I do genuinely enjoy the dynamic of performing to a small crowd. A crowd of two deserves just as committed a performance as a jampacked audience at the Hollywood Bowl. They are the ones who showed up! I love the intimacy and the conversational element that it encourages. These gigs are rocking. Each and every gig has seen either a curtain call or a standing ovation. Some nights I have hugged each and every member of the audience. Lady Gaga may love her l’il monsters, but she’s unlikely to stake that claim to fame.

So yes, I do love me a little crowd. AND I want a big one! And, you know, $$ wise and all, I need a big one! Or six!

2. Did a flyer/poster run yesterday afternoon with Mister 2 in tow. EXHAUSTAMABAUSTABALING. Topped it off by dropping my bag of remaining flyers down the gap between the train and the platform while boarding. Aye. Promotional suicide? I believe my exact reaction was…



Continue to hop on train.

3. Had a last minute call to be interviewed on The Comic Box last night on C31 TV. After some last minute styling assistance from my lovely house-hosts, I was off. The interview itself was a bit…hmmm…weird. But I did get to wear fuscia. So as long as at least 6 home viewers had their sound down and liked my dress enough to bother looking me up and coming, then I will a) double my audience and b) be happy.

4. It’s not really a number four. I’ve run out of things to say, I just thought that a “5” list looked better. Hmmm. What do write?

5. Oh, okay then. Have a shameless backstage shot. This is my dressing room. Just pretend I’m Kylie and it will become endlessly fascinating.

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