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Melbourne Fringe: Touring with a Toddler Installment 10: Home Again, Home Again!

Notice the typo? Hehe. I kinda love it.

And it’s done.

WOW! What a rollercoaster. Thank you so much for reading along and sharing the wild ride. This mad adventure started strong, wound its way through a “keeping the faith” crisis of small crowds (a very common issue among the fringe fest overall this year so I’m told) and finally, finished strong.

The final show was beautiful indeed. As it was being taped, I went for it 110% emotionally (those of you who’ve seen the show will understand what I mean by that). Which is probably why when, at the end of the show, the audience stood up and threw freaking ROSES AT ME…I completely dissolved into a puddly mess of tears. I couldn’t stop. I think it was just the overwhelm of the entire show, the highs, the lows…the da da da da…UNEXPECTED VARIETY SHOW of it all! The wonderful folks at Revolt then whisked me backstage where they had laid out flowers, wine, glasses and beautiful people for a little post-run toast and celebration. More tears. My make-up melted.

A little shameless plug for Allan's, but what the heck. They were my knight in shining armour. They deserve it!

Went home to be suitably spoiled (YET AGAIN) by my wonderful house-hosts John and Sandy. These guys really came onboard team “Unexpected” in too many ways to count, but suffice to say they felt like a family to come home to each night, sharing in the journey, complete with its downs (of which there were several) and luckily, the final HIGH! Which we celebrated with food, glorious food, topped off with this:

Are you slobbering? Cos I am.

I am such a lucky gal.

Faretheewell, Melbourne. I miss you already. From your wondrous trams…

Mister 2 showing "Little Miss Plastic" the sights on a Melbourne tram.

…to your gorgeous coffee…


…to your marvellous marvels.

I can't decide if window-shopping with no money is clever or torturous.

It’s a wonder I left at all. Oh yeah, hang on. I have a family to come home to.

Who are the most wondrous, gorgeous and marvellous marvel of all. (I can say that with certainty cos I’ve got the rose-coloured glasses that come with having a break. Can’t you tell?)

The girlies back together.

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