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Making time for art

This afternoon as I tried to write my way out of a writing slump (yep, you read that correctly – I’ve taken to fighting fire with fire as far as writers’ block is concerned, by reverting to stream-of-consciousness ramblings to get me through) I was struck by how frustrated I am with myself by how little time I’ve dedicated on a regular basis just to writing.

Anyhoo, more on that another time.

But right now, check out this great quote from a rather insightful interview:

It’s also crucial to find time to make work. Try to structure your life in ways that give you the opportunity to pursue art, because it’s very rare that the opportunity to make art will just fall into your lap. Everybody assumes that you are going to go to work at some point of the day. No one assumes you will make art. You have to make that a priority.

And with that, sleep tight Vegemite!

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