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Losing it in the Visa Queue in front of Shane from Neighbours

Gees I’m resenting beauracracy lately, not least because I’m not even 100% sure how to spell it. It’s always been there, of course, but lately it’s like it’s taking over my life. Just when I get one bit of paperwork done, there’s another. And another. And another. Today has been no different – I won’t bore you with administrative details, but let me just tell you that as the admin requirements and FEES have continued fo pile up, I’ve been wondering quite often whether we are quite honestly insane in even trying to tackle such a ridiculous mission.

Just last Wednesday Tim and I had to fly to Sydney to get our US visas – basically so we can flit back and forth over the Canadian border until our little hearts are content – which would have been straightforward (still expensive, but straightforward) had I not lost my passport.


We tore the house to pieces looking for it (sorry landlord) but no luck. After much umming and ahing over what to do, we ended up flying down anyway, figuring that Tim and the kids could at least get theirs and I’d just have to fly back another time once I’d found/replaced my p’port.

To cut a very long and frustrating story short, the punchline is that after an unbelievable morning from hell trying to accumulate all the relevant paperwork in time for our US Consulate interview, I ended up spitting the dummy, running full-ball up to the visa processing office and bawling my eyes out…only to look up and realise that Peter O’Brien aka Shane from Neighbours (he was one of my fave dudes ever back when he was fighting Des for Daphne way back in the day) aka the lead guy from White Collar Blue aka the hubby of Miranda Otto from Lord of the Rings and other stuff, was sitting right there, looking up at me and offering a sympathetic smile.

I avoided eye contact and pretended it was not happening.

I was not crying. Not in the US Consulate. Not in front of Shane.

It took every inch of strength not to stick my fingers in my ears and start singing Mary had a little lamb. Boy am I glad I didn’t do that. Cos hello?! Talk about embarrassing…

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