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Links of the Week! (Or WHAT? You mean there’s more to cyberspace than ME?!)

My self-portrait of the day.

1. One of the funniest mummy blogs I’m yet to uncover. Dig it.

2. This angry phonecall* just cracks me up in place I never thought could be cracked. Seriously you guys. I think there are crevaces now in my lower abdomen, that little divet under my throat and the skin flaps between my toes.

*WARNING: If strong language offends you, then, you might wanna give it a miss. And here. Have a cupcake. MoFo.

3. Australia’s Got Talent auditions are a-comin. Hmmm. Maybe if I could put one of my characters in roller-skates and choreograph a piece to “Flashdance” I could be in with a chance…

4. If you’re on twitter, then do you wanna be friends and join me? I always feel like the resident dork at the disco there. i.e. standing by the punch and trying to chuckle co-conspiratorially as the cool people spike it. So yeah…wanna hang? We can chat and stuff and if you ask nicely I’ll even braid your hair.

5. As if you couldn’t love Johnny Depp any more. Le sigh. Now excuse me, I’m off to write letters to Willy Wonka, Edward Scissorhands and Don Juan De Marco.

PS A huge thanks to all you guys who have voted thus far in the poll. SO wonderful to actually feel like I might actually get a clue what the heck I’m doing on here. If you haven’t and care to share, then please head on over here and help yourself to a champers while you’re at it. Ta!

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