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Links of the Week (or WHAT?! You mean there’s more to cyberspace than ME?!)

My littlest, greeting my grandma this week on a visit.

Cate Bolt never ceases to amaze and inspire me with posts like this. Opening an orphanage in a foreign country to which she had NEVER EVEN BEEN. Seriously. We’ve started supporting Foundation 18 as a result of her sharing her incredible journey. It’s super cheap, only $10 a month. Please go check it out.

This “little free library” idea is super cool. I’ll add it to the ‘projects I get inspired by on the internet but never actually do’ file.

Donna Heart’s post on her 6-word memoir made me think about what I’d write…hmmm, still not sure. You?!

Ha! Sadly my show’s jaunt at the Edinburgh Festival is not to be this year for reasons mainly just old-fashioned logistical, however I love this post on how to sell a comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe without publicising it.

One of my very favourite bloggers, the beyond-hilarious Not Drowning Mother has moved blog-homes. Kinda.

And finally, if you think you love the creatures of Star Wars, I think this photo gallery proves beyond a doubt that Princess Leia loves them more.

Have a rockstar weekend, folks!


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