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Links of the Week (or WHAT?! You Mean There’s More to Cyberspace than ME?!)

Strawberry picking yesterday with my little men. I must say, I have quite a fondness for child-friendly activities that treat the tastebuds.

Thank you beautiful peeps for the words of support for the changes that are soon to come. Excoitment! And don’t worry, I promise to spill my personal side for your viewing pleasure from time to time. I’m flattered that you would even think for a moment I wouldn’t. I think you underestimate the depths of my narcissism darlings!

So, links this week that I’ve been digging:

Why Time Poor Women Need Understanding Friends. Hells to the yes. My friendships have unfortunately taken a pretty big hit in the last little while, especially earlier this year when I was away a ton. It’s very hard. The ones that endure are the ones who are…surprise, surprise, understanding and/or busy themselves!

This woman’s post sums up pretty accurately how I feel about the whole parenting/passion combo.

Have you been following Sarah Wilson‘s travels abroad? I’ve been scratching my own travel itch by living vicariously through her blog lately, but this post on taking things slowly and having “endless time on your hands” really hit a nerve.

When I read about things like this amazing gathering of creative women, I get tingles of excitement to organise one myself. But the practical side of me talks me out of adding yet another ridiculous project to the ever-growing pile. Hmmm. Back burner.

Just checking out this new and rather funky looking blogging resource (it’s free) which I found via Kyla Roma. Looks cool!

I am pretty damn enamoured with my iPhone, so much so that it’s all I photograph with. There’s nothing like a nice filter to make something drab look freaking artsy. Trust me. I’ve even taken a photo of my crappy old local train station and it looked like it should be in an exhibition. Of, you know, instagram pics of crappy old local train stations. Ehem. Anyhoo, point is, when it comes to actually doing more with it, apparently I’ve only touched the tip of the iPhotography iceberg. Really cool. I shall add this to my list of “things I should but won’t do.”

I am obsessed with trailers, campers and caravans. This is not helping.

I’m also back on Pinterest a bit more these days. Are you? LET’S BOOGIE!

Well that’s it from me. I’m off to bake the world’s most inappropriate birthday cake for a child, given that my daughter has insisted on a UFC theme. Don’t ask. Despite my reluctance, I’m indulging her, but little does she know the cage fight will be between TWO GINGERBREAD MEN.


Mummy scores.

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