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Life in a Day

My head is reeling.

Namely cos I just discovered this incredible “global social history experiment”: “Life in a Day”.

The concept is this:

– on July 24th, anybody and everybody on Planet Earth is invited to film their day;

– the filmmakers (did I mention it’s produced by Ridley Scott, y’all?!) will then cut together a documentary titled…you guessed it…let’s move along then;

– the film will then be screened at Sundance Film Festival in 2011.

This boggles my brain in so many ways, but I’ll just nut it down to a couple here, shall I?

1. How the heck are they gonna deal with THOUSANDS of people’s footage in one doco?

2. If I was gonna opt in, what on earth would I film?

3. Oh, hang on: on July 24th 2010, at around 3.30 in the afternoon, I will be reuniting with my best friend in the world, Frankie – after not having seen her for THREE YEARS – and what’s more, we, with seven children in total between us, will be:

a) child-free; and

b) in New York City.


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