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Jekyll and Hyde (Or “Parenting and Performing”) plus Links of the Week

Show poster for Adelaide Fringe season; I noticed quite a lot of posters for other fringe shows up around the place when I was down there, I need to get my act into gear!

Parenting during the day. Fighting crime Performing at night.

I really do feel like I live in two worlds a lot of the time. There’s the world of strutting the stage, having the attention of a group of people (sometimes I wonder if this is indeed, the reason I do this: “Oh dear heavens, I am actually being LISTENED TO!”) and then having nice things said to you afterwards…then there’s the world of flouncing around a kitchen filled with stains you couldn’t even explain if you wanted to, trying desperately to capture the attention of anybody without using the words “who wants an (insert bribe here)” and if you’re lucky, having something coherent said to you afterwards.

I’m not meaning to be a martyr and it really ain’t all that bad all of the time, but aye carumba. Sometimes I just feel like a ping pong ball. One that plays music, but a ping pong ball nonetheless.

School hols are rapidly fading away, along with my hopes of ever actually being on top of any housework. Unless you mean literally on top of it, smothering myself in whipped cream and singing “where is the love?” at the top of my lungs. Of that scenario occurring, my hopes are exceedingly high.

I do have a few bits of juicy gossip to share (if your version of “juicy gossip” happens to be “self-promotional slather mixed with non-me related web links”):

– it looks like I might be back in Adelaide even sooner than I thought, to do a bit of cabaret performing, baby! As I type this, I am flipping my hair with the mystery of an Emo onstage at the Moulin Rouge…deets to follow!

– I have become just a little bit obsessed with the Aussie dramedy Spirited. Henry Mallet. Mmmmmmmmmmmm….

– the video of the German portion of my performance at the Cabaret Summer School Showcase (which, by the way, you can read all about with a very lovely write-up about yours truly, over at Cabaret Confessional), is shortly to be online! I’m planning to send it out in the inter webs on Monday morning with a terrific send-off which may or may not involve me smashing a bottle of champagne over my computer as I hit send.

– LURVE this, as does a fair portion of the interwebs: Feminist Ryan Gosling.

– a podcast interview with AU Review I did at Woodford Folk Fest is now online. I don’t know what the heck I was on at the time, other than Woodford air, but I’d love to know how many words per minute I’m speaking at, cos I’m pretty sure it’s just a little bit impressive.

– Don’t know if I’ve ever told you this but I am mildly enchanted with small homes. The studio I worked on in the Banff Centre was such a place and even then I felt I could quite happily live out the rest of my days there…were those days not filled with my gorgeous yet extraordinarily loud family! Still, one can dream…

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