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Interview with the House-Mover

They can improve the ring-tones on the mobile phone, they can enhance the efficiency of the washing machine, but when it comes to the good old house-move…can they do anything to make it less painful? How bout NO.

We’re at that half-way point right about now – you know, where there’s enough stuff packed up to make you feel like you’re making progress, but enough crap and dirt lying around to make you feel exhausted at the prospect of what lies ahead. Alas, I must go on, for there’s no turning back.

But before I do, I’m taking a sanity break and writing some mindless drivel. Please don’t feel obliged to read it, it’s purely for my own entertainment.

Oh alright – you glutton for punishment you. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. This is an idea I stole from Gem, who decided to conduct her own Good Weekend style interview. I’ve already done one of these but here’s another. Cos I’m nothing if not original.

My Perfect Weekend Jenny Wynter. Comedian, Writer, Mother and Mad-Woman.

If you could go anywhere for a weekend, where would it be? Johnny Depp’s bedroom. Oh sorry, did I type that out loud? Um…probably a beautiful beachy island (as opposed to those horrid non-beachy ones) where it’s just me and Tim, endless buffets of non-fattening food (i.e. yummy food which would traditionally fatten you but here it just doesn’t) and we can roam nudie and surf and stuff. What’s an ordinary weekend like? About as far removed from the previous answer as you can get. What do you do on a Saturday night? You mean if I’m not gigging or fighting crime? We usually socialise as a family – usually anything from the whole clan descending on a party (the only people who love to carve up the dance floor more than I do are my kids) to having dinner and board-games with other families. We’re so friendly like that. How do you relax? Relax? Que? What’s your biggest weekend indulgence? My Saturday sleep-in. I wish I knew how to type Homer Simpson’s reaction when he sees beer, cos that’s exactly what I do when I think of sleeping in..ughhghghaahghghgllllleyooo. What do you do and where do you go if you want to paint the town red? I don’t drink heaps anymore cos kids + hangovers = kill me, but usually a night out with my girlfriends + bar hopping + bad karaoke (as opposed to the Idol kind) = my kinda night. What are you reading? Some old journals of mine that I found while moving – so many random ideas, so little time. What are you watching? Not a lot lately, but before we left on our trip we were getting completely addicted to the second season of Lost. What do you do if you’re looking for inspiration? Oh it’s easy. I just yell “Inspiration? Inspiration! Come here this minute young man, or you’re in time out!” That and I read the Nelson Mandela quote about allowing ourselves to be everything we can be. But the first one’s much more fun, especially when the little bastard talks back.

What did the weekend mean to you when you were a kid? Sleeping in. Ughhghghaahghghgllllleyooo. Followed by mum getting disgusted by the laziness of the next generation, and proceeding to wake me up by entering the room and vacuuming. To this day, the sound of a vacuum cleaner gives me shudders.

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