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Inspirational nuggets vs crazy blather. It’s a fine line.

Just wanted to pop in at the dawn of another weekend to share these little inspirational tid-bits.

They’re not related in any mind-blowingly direct way, other than that they both speak to me. You know. The way cats do when you’ve just had that little bit much to drink.

Me: “I know your game.”

Cat: “You know Jen, I’m not actually evil.”

Me: “Are you sure?”

Cat: “Positive. Your basis for hating me is completely unfounded.”

Me: “Is not. I hate you because you’re lazy, spoiled and demand attention and affection purely when it suits YOU.”

Cat: “Exactly. Looking in a mirror, much?”


Cat: “Don’t let your brain fall out. After all, this conversation is only imaginary.”

Been there?

Anyhoo, the first tid-bit above I dig for reasons that are quite possibly self-evident. Yet, now I’ve written that, does that negate that? Hmmm. (Note to self: it’s the weekend. Not a time to think.)

The latter i.e. the pic below – rocks the freaking casbah just because it is what it is. A musical balcony? What? I’m so jealous.

I cannot wait for the day I can go completely nuts on customising my own balcony…

I’m thinking an Edward Scissorhands shaped instillation, hooked up to a bubble blowing machine, so that every afternoon upon arriving home, I could be greeted by my fave Johnny Depp alter-ego blowing magic my way.

If they work out a way to make bubbles out of tequila in the meantime, all the better.

I found this in NYC. Are you not entertained?!

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