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Highlights of the final tour leg

– teaching Ella to ride waves on her boogie board.

– spending oodles (did I just say oodles?) yes, OODLES of time at the beach with the kids and actually having a few moments of realising that at that particular point in time, cuddling my kiddies and paddling around in the surf, that I felt completely and utterly happy.

– two absolutely kick-ass gigs in northern NSW, the first being a women’s dinner at Nimbin, the other being a Wicked Women comedy night in Bangalow. Seriously, I am in LOVE with these audiences. Hubby, you should be seriously jealous.

– the van not breaking down even once.

– Ella’s boogie board breaking – namely cos she started trying to stand up and surf on it. Needless to say we’ll be putting Santa on the case.

– scoring a last-minute gig at the Gold Coast Arts Centre tonight. We were going to extend the trip another night but decided another caravan park was probably a little too exhausting in the name of saving a 40 minute drive, so we’re now back home as of this avo, and I’m going to drive back. I’m so excited cos I’m supporting Sean Choolburra who I saw a year or so ago and LOVED. I think he’s also on at Woodford…

– deflating slightly over the last few days in the realisation that the reality of day-to-day life is soon to hit. Or worse than day-to-day stuff, the reality of MOVING HOUSE.

Which, for those of you who’ve been kind enough to wonder (and please forgive me for the lack of comment replying – I do read and love all your comments and e-mails but I’ve just been a little backward on the internet thing lately for obvious reasons!), we are moving house…not for the oh wow I’ve been given the dream career break of a lifetime reasons, but for the oh wow let’s have some downtime and raise our family the way we’ve always wanted to reasons: and are thus moving to the beach.


I’ll write more about this after someone donates me a case of energy drinks – but for now, know that the plan is to move out of here in a week, then be gypsies for a month (thanks to our trusty van who’s been christened Connie the Econovan) then move up to the Sunshine Coast for the next 6 months to a year. Then…who knows? There’s a few very cool possibilities in the pipeline but for now I’m keeping my cards close to my chest. But it’s all mega mega exciting.

Okay, I’m gonna go crash now so I don’t crash tonight. The car, I mean. Wish me luck.

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