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That was meant to be a reference to The Shining, by the way.

Yeah, so I’m back from holidays and shock of all shocks…I am actually relaxed. Those of you with kiddly-winks will no doubt back me up here (come on, back me up, back me up!) when I say that sometimes you venture out on a holiday with the little tikes, only to return twice as exhausted and in need of a fine-looking strait-jacket. But not this time, me hardies…life is looking good.

I’ll post some photos and stuff as soon as I can (be bothered, that is) but until then, I’ll leave you with these little tid-bits:

1. I’m actually going to be away all weekend, meaning another few days with no blogging action. Cue music: No blogging, no cry… Look at me, I’m the blogging equivalent to a teenager, just popping in to say the dutiful hellos, change my clothes and get back to partying. So…toodles, be good and I’ll see you Monday?

2. Conversation of the week…

Me: So Ella, what’s the meaning of life?

Ella: Ummmm….lions and tigers.

Me: So animals are the meaning of life?

Ella: No, just being funny.

Me: Oh, so life’s funny.

Ella: Yeah. But you’re not funny.

*dramatic pause*

Me: Oh. Oh damn.

Ella: No, I was just kidding you mama. You’re funny.

Me: Oh, thank heavens for that, I thought I’d lost my calling.

*slightly less dramatic pause, but a pause nonetheless*

Ella: Lions and tigers are funny.


The meaning of life. You heard it here first.

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