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Gags and Drags

Out of all the comedy I’ve seen this festival, nothing, NOTHING I tell you has made me laugh more than seeing a full decked-out drag queen (as though there’s any other kind) directing flirty dance moves at my hubby. Honestly, my guts were in pain, until I stopped myself wondering if my mirth was against drag protocol (where’s a “Drag Etiquette for Dummies” when you need one?) then that though struck me as funnier still so my chuckling continued til my guts burst out and splattered themselves up on the back-stage mural. Thankfully it was already abstract so nobody even noticed.

So yes, last night Tim and I had a long overdue hot date (Rachel – thank you!) and yes, it was at a drags night in St Kilda where what I thought was but a short spot turned into “introducing our head-liner for this evening…” Flattering, yes, but a little scary given no warning. I took the stage with “I have to be honest – I’m from Queensland, I’ve got two kids and I’m a bit of a dag, so I’m not really sure I’ll be up your alley. But hell…I’ll give it a bash if you will!”

This is where having one of the friendliest crowds ever comes into play. Aside from a couple of drunken stoners down the front who I just shouted out mid-song to “Shut up kids”, the dudes in this bar – drag and un-drag – were so incredibly cheerful and supportive. Unfortunately I forgot to say what I really wanted to: “Wow! You guys are so friendly…this feels just like church.”

Anyway, bumped into Gab – fellow comedienne from Brissie – which was a very pleasant surprise, chatted with a british dude and his girfriend – this was only his second gig and he’s already got a great thing going – got some hot tips on local comedy rooms to chase up from funny-man Mister Alabama and was approached by a blonde drag-queen at the start.

Her: “Did you sing a song last week at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow?” Me: “Yes.” Her: “Yes, I thought so. That was great.” Shaking hands. Me: “I’m Jenny.” Her: “I’m (pause)…Lulu. Tonight.”

After the gig:

Lulu: “I couldn’t watch your set cos I was backstage getting dressed but I heard it on the speakers back there and just wanted to tell you it went down a treat.”

Bless you Lulu. Bless you.

I’m getting heaps more confident with the “One Night” song, probably due to the heaps of practice I’ve been getting here. As I ordered my pepping-up coke the other night, the bar-chick at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow asked if I was the one who sang that song.

“Damn you!” she said. “It’s been in my head all week!” It is catchy, but not lethal, so be thankful for small blessings I say.

Today, am off to the Jeez Louise conference for women in comedy. 2 days of workshops, talks and networking with some funny ladies.

Caffeine city, here I come!

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