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Friday in a Nutshell

How’s this for efficiency?

1. The awards ceremony went well, complete with good strong coffee and nice little rectangle sandwiches with nice things stuffed inside. Here I rubbed shoulders with some of the other Fellowship winners (what a damn inspiring bunch!) and the speech – though I muddled up the order of what I was going to say completely – actually went down pretty well. On my last sentence, the Lord Mayor actually called out ‘Bravo!’ Either that or in my adrenalised delerium I misheard him actually saying ‘Get off!’

2. Took my beautiful auntie and uber-publicist Viv out for lunch in the Valley, where she got me even more psyched for my trip, including recommendations to:

– take copies of my Courier Mail interview to flaunt shamelessly at every given opportunity; – get a recording of a radio interview I’ve set up in New York; – visit the Tetenem(??? I’m having problems even recalling the name, let alone the spelling) Museum to witness a slice of 1920’s New York.

3. Am shortly to venture up to ZZZ studios for what will be my last Frog and Peach show til late August. *sniff* I feel we should do something incredibly land-markish, though what that would be, I have no idea. Still, I have twenty-four minutes to work it out.

4. Then home tonight for what has become our ritual…Friday night pizza!!!

Dig it. Yeah.

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