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Farethee well, Jack-o-Lantern

Well, it’s a done deal.

We’ve decorated, we’ve partied, we’ve written a column about it (well, okay, I did that bit – and how’s that for a not-so-subtle plug?) and after tonight, we’ve trick-or-treated too.

Once they got the hang of the whole thing, the kids were like roided up athletes, fighting for the Olympic gold. They quickly worked out the house codes:

Lights on = candy.

Pumpkins = possibly lots of candy.

Lights off = don’t waste your time, just pump those legs and get cracking to the next one before they run out.

I couldn’t believe how much effort some people put into decorating their houses – one house even went so far as to transform their entire back garage into a haunted house of sorts, complete with spooky lighting, music and live action ghouls. The kids were freaked out until Mr Skeletor handed them lollypops at the end. If only Hannibal Lector had done the same to me during Silence of the Lambs maybe I coulda saved myself a decade of nightmares.

Ah well.

Until we meet again dear Halloween. It’s been fun.

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