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Exciting TV/Fundraiser Update: It’s A-HAPPENING!

The joy is all on the inside, I assure you.

Darling darling people-who-read-this-blog,

While I have no doubt that you are sitting there on the other end of cyberspace, biting your nails off in anticipation of my next utterance on this here website, let me placate you right now with thanks for your patience in my absence this week gone past.

Oh dear Lord. It has just occurred to me that in writing this, I have in fact, turned into the bearer of one of those irritating “your call is important to us” messages, while putting you on hold for 17 hours. Forgive me.

So….since my last post announcing this exciting TV/charity development here at CM headquarters, I have been INUNDATED – truly, I feel like Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio in that little corridor scene right now – with messages of support, ideas on how to actually raise this moolah and shock’n’awe ACTUAL DONATIONS TO THE CAUSE!

Update: just got this message on my fundraising page from a complete stranger:

Just saw info about a gig you are doing, google you, found your bog and voila, here I am. I seriously considered spending $200 on walking shoes today, how the heck can I justify not givng you $50? Such a worthy cause. Good luck. Put a gold-coin collection at your gigs!

Squeeee!!! Thank you!!!!

That was all I needed to make it real in a good way, I feel like this is actually going to happen now, whereas this time last week I was feeling sick every time I thought about it. BRING IT!

So…on the agenda thus far:

Comedy Fundraisers (naturally), one in Adelaide (a coupla nights before the shoot!) and one (thus far, I’m working on it!) in Brissie. Bring the funny for the money! Hmm. Catchy.

A cabaret night in Adelaide, details to come. My wondrous pals and fellow graduates from the Australian Cabaret Summer School have been quick to jump on the bandwagon, so excited to actually enjoy a reunion while supporting the cause. Damn this is making me fall back in love with human beings again.

A radiothon in tandem with the fab Funky Kids Radio – launched and run by one of my favourite peeps on planet Earth, Rachel Cooper. We are currently working out the ins and outs of this, but very very excited to see how it all eventuates!

An AMAZING workshop, incredibly generously donated by one of my dear comedian friends’ partners, with all proceeds going directly to the cause.

A pizza day at my kids’ school, thanks to the generous folks at Eagle Boys, who are donating 20 pizzas for us to raise funds with. Just when I thought I couldn’t love pizza with any more passion…

A giveaway of prizes, products and other services – after asking for feedback from my Facebook crew, I have opted to offer a ticket in this giveaway to EACH and EVERY person who donates to the cause. $1 donation = 1 ticket. $100 = 100 tickets, and so on. I will be drawing these prizes in early October and will record the draw and upload it to youtube to share the excitement and prove it’s an honest draw! 🙂

On this note, if you have anything you’d like to donate to the prize giveaway or know somebody who does, please get in touch (either via email or my Facebook page). I would LOVE to hear from you!

That’s it thus far, more ideas are floating around the stratosphere and am just trying to wrap my head around all the possibilities, and specifically, which ideas are going to be the most likely to generate the $$ with a minimum of fuss and really more to the point, TIME.

Thanks all so much already who have supported in whatever way, I hugely hugely appreciate it, as I promise you, do the wonderful folks at Cara!

Viva la tutu! xxx

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