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Creating a residency in real life

So here I am, back again in my original little studio at the Banff Centre, for the final week of this 4-week (spread out over the past six months or so) residency. 

Ah me, the times I’ve had here. Writing. Drinking tea. Playing piano. Procrastinating and cursing the fact they have internet in these damn places. Ah yes, there’ve been high times, low times and everything in between. 

One thing I’ve realised though, is how damn undisciplined I am in everyday life and how badly I need to remedy that. I mean, sure, so I can come here to this little reclusive studio, pretend to be the hermit artiste that I’ve always fantasised about and churn out new material like I’ve got a stomach flu of words, but really…what the heck is stopping me from doing just that every day of my life? Do I really need a freaking studio at an arts centre to whip me into shape?

Apparently, dear friends, I do. But I’m determined not to lose my commitment to writing upon leaving this little nest this time around. I mean, obviously having the time, space and hands-tied issues sorted out, plus a creatively inspiring environment to work in, as I have at my disposal this week, is massively helpful in terms of fuelling the writing/rehearsal process. But I think the bottom line is that I need to find a way to simulate this kind of environment at home. And you know what I think that means?

Sacrificing sleep.


But it must be done. I must force myself to get up an hour earlier every day, so that I might have some of this residency-like time to create before the kidlets unleash their attack on yet another day. I must do it. Because as much as I might hate missing some zeds, at the end of my life, I somehow doubt I’ll be sitting on my bed-pan wishing I’d gotten a few more winks instead of creating. Either that or I’ll have lost my mind and just be grateful that I have a bed-pan.

Anyhoo, here’s hopin! 

Jen. xx

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