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Comedy is cathartic

I really believe that having kids has allowed my performance skills to improve dramatically (no pun intended) for several reasons:

1. Every chance to perform is a chance to get out of the house. Ergo, I have fun.

2. I no longer stress so much about whether the audience will like me or not, because at the end of the day, what do I really care? I’ve got an awesome family who think I’m the funniest person on the planet.

3. After the indignity of childbirth, I have no fear of looking stupid on-stage. Actually, I pretty much have no fear at all. (That’s actually not entirely true, but you get the sentiment). As my mate Sarah said to me ‘after giving birth I think I could fall head over heel in the middle of the mall with all my bits showing and not even bat an eyelid.’

Ehem. Where was I?

Last year I performed in another improv show with Edge, one which included a half-hour fully improvised live sci-fi movie where I got to play the ‘evil kid’. I had so much fun with that role, and some time later after watching it back on DVD my fellow improviser Colin e-mailed me saying ‘I had no idea how much you embraced the character of Angus…..your kids must be terrifying.’ If only he knew……moiahahahahahahhaha.

Anyway, if you’re in Brissie and haven’t already been part of the ape-like merriment, then make sure you get along to see ‘gorilla theatre’. It’s hilariously funny people doing hilariously funny things. Next week’s my last show, too, so get cracking! See? Check out the photo again. Doesn’t it look fun? Mildly painful perhaps, but compared to an episiotomy, it’s a walk in the park.

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