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Comedy 101

So I’m working my way through the magnificent collection-a-la-comedy at our local video store, taking notes and getting mega-inspired. I figure if I can’t get out to the great comedy here in Canada yet (but when we finally get a car: LOOK OUT!), then the great comedy shall come to me.

This week I’ve been in a Saturday Night Live kinda mood, so have been stuck into the best of Gilda Radner and John Belushi respectively. While the comedy does seem to have dated a little, their commitment has certainly not. Holy freaking mustard tarts, (on which note, I certainly hope there is no such thing), they didn’t call Belushi the master of kamikaze comedy for nothing.

I wanted to find you this amazing clip of him set in a graveyard, it’s really poignant – especially given how things turned out in his actual life – but youtube couldn’t seem to find it for me. I would spend more time hunting it down, but my son is already clawing at my leg trying to pry me away from the computer, so I fear to waste more time here might result in him starting to eat it. Then again, that would be an easy way to lose weight…

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